Why Tequila?

The tequila Diet and Alcohol

First things first. Although it may have a catchy title, this isn’t a book about getting drunk to lose weight. Rather, the intention of this plan is to inspire others to experience a life full of good health by taking the best wellness strategies from our ancestors while including more fiesta, social mixing, and cheer into your lifestyle. If you are looking for an alcohol-only solution to living your best life, this isn’t it.  The Tequila Diet does not require the consumption of tequila or alcohol. But if you already drink  this plan suggests tequila may be a wise choice and shows you how to integrate it in the healthiest, safest, most beneficial way.

The good news is that  you can have a healthy, spiritual, balanced life AND enjoy a glass or two of tequila!  In fact, many studies suggest moderate alcohol consumption may have many health benefits.   

Tequila in particular is a standout in many ways. With respect to calories, carbs, sugars, toxins, and allergens as well as its promising benefits, tequila can be a smart choice if you choose to drink alcohol. If you are more of a mescal fan, its similar qualities to tequila also make it a smart choice. These agave spirits are superstars of The Tequila Diet.  Learn more about why Tequila is a healthier choice in Chapter 2.