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Dr. Tequila

Kerry Pittman, ND aka Dr. Tequila is a Los Angeles celebrity Naturopath, energy medicine practitioner, and author of The Tequila Diet. She specializes in whole health makeovers at her private Wish U Wellness practice. These wellness transformations blossom after awaking one’s inner healing source by addressing the needs of the body, mind, and spirit. With 20 years of experience, Kerry’s regular clients include writers, producers, performers, lawyers, and entrepreneurs seeking to boost their brain power and focus, address nagging symptoms, aide weight loss, maintain youthfulness, and perform at their best.

Holistic Health Services

Not your traditional Naturopath, Kerry offers instruction and coaching for living your best life following the principles of The Tequila Diet.  In addition to diet changes, exercise, stress reduction, and ancient inspired holistic practices, she feels that the body’s energetic system must also be addressed to achieve optimal health. This is why she utilizes cutting-edge bio-energetic technology with her concierge clients. 

“Energy medicine is the future of all medicine”

Norm Shealy, M.D. President of the American Holistic Medical Association

This modern method is similar to indigenous Mayan healers who were able to “sense” imbalances with their hands alone. They understood that the body, mind, and soul are a lattice work of invisible energies that shape the way you feel, think and live. Using these same principles, non-invasive testing utilizing quantum physics scans clients for energetic imbalances that may hinder the body’s healing response and then offers targeted suggestions as well as a customized liquid homeopathic remedy. By using the principles of energy medicine along with the principles of “The Tequila Diet”, her clients enjoy renewed vitality and health, increased focus, and a reinvigorated spirit. 

Energetic Balance Wellness Scans

Whole Body Balancing Analysis with Customized Wellness Plan

The Tequila Diet Rock Star Cleanse, Weight Loss Scan 


Brain Boosting Success Scan  

Emotional Bliss Scan  

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